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This now is the result of the live test during this year's Photo&Adventure in Duisburg. A total of 74 contestants can be judged, two at a time, in several rounds of knock-out, which means that a total of 77 pairs have to be judged in order to complete the tournament.

If you finish the complete set, you will receive your personal list with ratings including lens names and pictures by e-mail after the end of this tournament. Until then, the lenses have to remain anonymous, of course.

Please rate in each pair if the preferred Bokeh is close, much more beautiful or only by a margin more beautiful. Since there are no two equal Bokeh variants, there is no "equally good" as an option.

We are looking for the lens with the most beautiful Bokeh.
This time technical perfection, sharpness and resolution don´t count, aesthetics is king! Since there is no way to technically measure aesthetics, we ask for your support.

Your e-mail address is required in order to send you the results and downloadlinks after the end of the contest. If you have no interest in our newsletter or the Photo+Adventure newsletter exceeding the scope of the bokeh masters, you are free to one-click-unsubscribe both newsletters anytime. Aside of that, neither we nor the Photo+Adventure will forward your mail address to any third party.